Top Tips for Taking Children to the Theatre

Following our (successful!) trip to Cinderella: My First Ballet last week, here are a few tips for taking children to the theatre..

  1. Children always get more out of a show if they know the storyline. Read the book or play with them beforehand. Some shows have trailers online – let them watch them so they know what to expect.  Talk about the plot and the characters and make sure they understand.                      books
  2. Check the suggested age for the show. If it’s too complicated they won’t be engaged and will be unlikely to want to go back!                                                                        bored kid
  3. Bring snacks. Lots of snacks. In packets that don’t rustle.snacks
  4. Think about an escape strategy. If like me your children need to go to the toilet every 15 minutes when in public (yet can hold it in for hours at all other times), you don’t want to be sitting in the middle of a row.  I always sit towards the end of a row with my brood, but this obviously depends on the theatre, how bothered you are, and of course bladders.                                               loo roll
  5. Interval ice cream. Always! For the younger ones especially, it’s a good boost to get them through the second half – just in case energy levels are dropping!image1 (2)
  6. Buy a souvenir! A copy of the book or play, a soft toy, an overpriced spinning light  – anything that will remind them of the experience!



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